Essential Oil Collections, Presentation CD and Toolbox

Collection One includes 5 ml (except where noted) these authentic Essential Oils:

Lavandin super – Lavender Maillette – Lavender population – Lavender sauvage

Sage officinalis Dalmatian – Sage officinalis petit feuilles (2 ml) – Hyssop decumbens

Thyme linalool – Thyme paracymene – Thyme thuyanol


Helichrysum Corsica – Helichrysum Bosnia

Chamomile German


Rosa damascena steam distilled (2ml) – Rosa centifolia absolute

Ginger CO2 – Ginger steam distilled

Eucalyptus commercial – Eucalyptus radiata – Eucalyptus globulus authentic – Eucalyptus globulus one year – Ravintsara – Bay Laurel – MQV

Carrot Seed – Greenland Moss (2ml)

Cinnamon Bark – Palmarosa

Collection Two

Inula graveolens – Mastick – Juniper – Green Myrtle

Angelica Root

Bitter Orange – Petitgrain – Neroli

Tanacetum annuum – Atlas Cedaar

Tea Tree – Monarda

Rosemary Provence – Rosemary adriatic – Rosemary verbenone

Cypress Provence

Presentation CDs

The plant language presentation CDs contain three sets of slides.

Plant Evolution:
30 slides of all the ‘Evolution’ Side panels in the Plant Language Reader

Plant Language Outline:
100 slides summarizing the Plant Language Reader

Essential Oil Journeys:
Gorgeous images of places around the world conecting with essential oils in one way or another. 40 slides

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Making a 2% Preparation on the Spot
Plant Language includes some necessary utensils, making it easy to work with the essential oils right away.

50 ml Measuring Cylinder
4oz bottles / lids
Sesame Oil
Smell Strips