The principle objective of Plant Language Aromatherapy is to learn how truly authentic oils can produce the best healing outcomes. To this end the oils offered in the collections are exactly those with which the originators of French Style aromatherapy were working. Fine Lavenders, Corsican Helichrysum or Inula graveolens. The idea is not to look for economical substitutes but to learn to work with the same oils the original masters worked with. These are the oils best suited to support immunity, confidence and the ability to help others.


If we use these original oils, even casual uses, such as in skin care or for relaxation will help to strengthen immunity, because they represent the original biology of the plant.


AIDS, SARS, Bird or Swine Flu pose real risks, but have also led to media hype mostly interested in fomenting paranoia. The efficacy of essential oils to treat viral disease is grossly underreported, even though they are often more effective than mainstream antivirals. Uncertainty about the efficacy of essential oils persists, because reductionist pharmacology can only demonstrate  so-called specific effects. Plant Language eliminates the uncertainty, integrating the perspective of biology to describe those properties of essential oils, namely their highly beneficial nonspecific effects, which chemistry and pharmacology fail to see. Understanding both, selective and non-selective activity reaffirms the universal life supporting qualities of essential oils. This understanding combined with the experience of improved immunity builds the confidence to trust ones own judgement.

Helping Others

Knowledge of the universal life supporting qualities of essential oils is key to helping others. Everyday health issues from herpes outbreaks to minor injuries or burns can be resolved almost effortlessly. Essential oils can also ease auto immune, degenerative and chronic inflammatory diseases. They also answer the pressing need to help cancer patients reduce the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer drugs.